Personal Injury

If you recently slipped and fell, injured a body part while working out, or were in a car accident, you may have a personal injury that is causing you pain. Personal injury pain can range from mild to severe and may even affect your ability to move that body part. Fortunately, at Sylvia Chiropractic Center, located in Kinston, NC, Dr. James Sylvia can provide you with relief and assistance with the healing process. 

Signs of a Personal Injury

The signs you experienced a personal injury depend on what you injured. However, you may have difficulty moving that particular body part. It's also possible that you'll notice swelling or redness at the site. 

Anytime you have nerve damage from a personal injury, you might experience any of the following symptoms: 

  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Tingling
  • Burning

If you have whiplash from a car accident or other personal injury, you may also experience difficulty sleeping or mood changes. Tinnitus, headaches, concentration problems, and dizziness are possible as well. 

Examples of Personal Injuries 

A strain or a sprain are both possible personal injuries that affect soft tissues. They may be acute injuries, meaning that they resulted from a single event, or chronic, meaning that the damage accrued over time. Whiplash is an acute injury that can affect soft tissues as well as bones in the neck.

Herniated discs, though wear and tear contribute to them, can happen as the result of an acute injury. 

Diagnosing a Personal Injury 

At our Kinston and Goldsboro locations, we must first accurately diagnose your condition and gauge the severity so we may create a customized treatment approach.

While part of the assessment is looking at the region, inquiring about how you injured the region, and gaining insight about your medical history, we might also recommend imaging such as x-rays. This allows our chiropractor to determine the degree to which vertebrae may be misaligned and the extent of damage to cartilage. 

Treating Your Personal Injury 

We offer treatments to combat your pain, such as cold laser therapy and massage therapy. These also address the underlying causes of pain by improving blood flow and flexibility. 

If you have a back injury, we can provide a chiropractic alignment or spinal decompression. With either, the goal is to take pressure off the injured area to give it room to heal. Both treatments also encourage blood flow to aid in the healing process.

Personal injury pain is treated with the assistance of a skilled chiropractor like Dr. Sylvia of Sylvia Chiropractic Center, serving Kinston, NC, and the general vicinity. 

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