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Finding the right chiropractor to treat your pain and immobility no longer has to be difficult. Our professional and experienced family chiropractors can offer any member of your family effective chiropractic treatment. No one should ever have to suffer following a home or auto accident. Our doctors are experienced whiplash chiropractors and can handle any number of motor vehicle related injuries.

  • Dr. James C. Sylvia

    Dr. James Sylvia graduated Magna Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa in 1993. He began practicing chiropractic in Connecticut in 1994. He moved to Kinston and opened Sylvia Chiropractic Center in 1996. 

    Dr. Sylvia has completed a comprehensive training program in the case management of whiplash injury taught by Dr. Arthur Croft of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. He is an expert in treating motor vehicle accident injuries in North Carolina courts. He opened Berkeley Chiropractic Center in 2012. 

    Dr. Sylvia has been a long standing member of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association and is the North Carolina representative for the International Chiropractic Association. Dr. Sylvia uses Gonstead and Diversified techniques. Dr. Sylvia is married with 3 children. The entire family is very active in their church, Grace Fellowship, various sports, and community initiatives.

  • Dr. Simone Simaan

    Dr. Simone Simaan has over 20 years of continued experience after graduating from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois in 1999. Dr. Simaan moved to North Carolina in 2001 to start practicing Chiropractic and Alternative Health and Wellness. Dr. Simaan is extremely knowledgeable in helping to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and alternative health care. He is also well established in his knowledge of administering pain management. Dr. Simaan has served for several years with the North Carolina Chiropractic Association in helping to broaden the profession and educating on the importance of Chiropractic care to state legislators and statewide health communities.

    During these years, Dr. Simaan has developed the commitment to heal, which has become the cornerstone of his lifestyle. He is dedicated to the wellbeing of his patients and he strives to improve the health and quality of life of everyone he meets. Dr. Simaan approaches his work with the goal of providing all of his patients with direct one-on-one treatment that focuses on each individual targeted functional gain and outcome.

    Dr. Simaan is especially passionate and focused on the function of the nervous system, using Chiropractic manual and non-force adjusting, Acupuncture, and Nutrition as well as numerous therapies to help resolve the underlying causes of pain and other symptoms.

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