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If you’ve been involved in an automobile or work-related accident, it’s imperative that you receive treatment as soon as possible. At Sylvia Chiropractic Center we can provide diagnostic analysis that determines where your pain is originating and allows us to create a personal treatment plan so that you can begin your recovery. Even if you feel fine at first, waiting too long after an accident to receive treatment can cause further pain and injury problems. With our chiropractic care, we can discover the extent of your injuries and customize exercises to relieve your pain. We’ll work with you on filing the necessary insurance claims and more importantly, we’ll help return your life and body to normal following your accident.



At Sylvia Chiropractic Center, we aim to provide you not only with the treatment you need, but the care you deserve. With experienced practitioners and a wide variety of techniques and methods, you know you are getting the best therapy for your injuries. With special attention to the cause of your pain, your lifestyle choices and several other factors, we make sure each session is aimed to not only help the symptoms, but healing the injury at its source.

We bring many years of experience and passion to what we do at Sylvia Chiropractic Centers. We’re constantly striving to provide the best services to our patients. Quality is of paramount importance in everything we do, and at Sylvia and Berkeley Chiropractic Centers we leave no stone unturned in order to delight our patients and bring pain relief and healing.

In 1996, Dr. James Sylvia founded the Sylvia Chiropractic Center in Kinston, NC with the goal of helping patients achieve pain relief and live their healthiest lives. In 2012, he opened the doors to the Berkeley Chiropractic Center to help more individuals. Dr. Sylvia and Dr. Simone Simaan have dedicated their time and energy toward gaining the training and skills necessary to treat people with various conditions and from all walks of life. Though they specialize in auto accident injuries, patients come to Sylvia Chiropractic Center in Kinston, NC with a variety of concerns. Some of the most common conditions they treat are headaches, low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and whiplash. Dr. Sylvia and Dr. Simaan are dedicated to providing natural care whenever possible through several methods and therapies. Some of these include electrical muscle stimulation, traction table therapy, spinal decompression therapy, heat therapy, chiropractic manipulations, acupuncture, and nutritional guidance. Each person is treated as an individual, ensuring the most personalized of approaches. Dr. Sylvia and Dr. Simaan are aware that the pain you experience is the result of an underlying issue. Without treating the root cause, the pain will return and potentially worsen. Therefore, each treatment plan is aimed at treating the root cause in a holistic and natural approach while also providing relief from the symptoms. If you’ve been involved in a car accident or you are suffering from pain for any reason, Dr. Sylvia and Dr. Simaan have the care and dedication you need to help you live a pain-free life. Visit Sylvia Chiropractic Center in Kinston, NC, or the Berkeley Chiropractic Center in Goldsboro, NC to begin your healing journey.


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